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Seeking for STUDIO FLAT?

Japan is almost the safest country in the world.

Because Japan pays attention to every detail and makes strict policy to reduce any risk.

It`s really the advantage of Japan. But it also became the block for foreigners to rent a house in Japan.
(Because some foreigners escape abroad without paying rent!)

Therefore, compared with other countries, renting a house in Japan is pretty hard.

1、Many owners don`t rent their houses to foreigners(Few options ).
2、Cash pledge, recompense, deposit, agency fee are all needed for nice houses.
3、In Tokyo, even a small room is really expensive(Extra utility expense is needed).
4、The Cheap houses without cash pledge or recompense are usually built over 40 years.
5、The contract period is 2 years(It`s difficult to make a plan after 1 year…).

You may worry about 「Maybe only share house is suitable but private time is also important」, right?

Here we go! Kabochanobasha is between share house and apartment!
Let`s see why you should start living alone in Kabochanobasha and why it`s the type between share house and apartment.

3 reasons for you to start living alone in Kabochanobasha!

Low initial cost!

You may think that rent + deposit is enough for renting a house, but there are more to pay !
Especially, foreigners have to pay 1~2 months` rent for joining guaranty company.And of course, it won`t be back when moving out.
But! Kabachanobasha only needs 20,000JPY to join a guaranty company

Cheap monthly rent!

Living alone in Tokyo, you need at least 10,000 JPY for monthly utilities expense.
Do you know that utility expense is NOT included in rent!
Therefore, the average cost is 90,000 JPY per month.But Kaboshanobasha is only around 60,000 JPY!
You could enjoy the warm in winter,
and enjoy the cool in summer all the time
because NO extra utilities expense!

Kaboshanobasha is between share house and apartment!

How do you feel?
Could you understand why it`s nice to live alone in Kabochanobasha?
And maybe you have other questions and worries….

Come on!

Kabochanobasha has English speaking staff, Japanese speaking staff, and Chinese speaking staff to provide you the information and counseling among 700 houses,

So… just contact us now! We are always here and offer help!

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