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Creat Smart Days for
women worldwide
Smart Days,inc established in 2012.
Smart Days’s brand promise
is to create a platform for people worldwide to live smart Days.
Smart Days offers 4 Sharehouse brands and one Career Consulting company complete with a Taiwan branch to support people who want to work in Japan.
Why Chose Kabocha No Basha?
4 attractions
Japanese NO.1
Share house company
No.1 Japanese
Sharehouse Company
Smart Days is the biggest sharehouse company in Japan with about 700 houses in east Japan.
Our quality services and hundreds of sharehouses give our customers endless options.
Search houses
A clean and stylish living environment. Comfortable! Safe and newly built houses!
Safe and newly built houses!
Almost all houses in KABOCHA NO BASHA are newly built.
  • ①Over 90% are newly built within 3 years!
  • Most sharehouses in Japan refurbish old houses but over 90% of our sharehouses are newly built within the last 3 years!
  • ②Complete home appliance
  • All of our private and common areas come furnished with stylish home appliances.
  • ③Free cleaning service and living goods support
  • Cleaning services of all common areas are provided to our customers along with living goods and appliances.
You only need to pay the rent!
You only
need to pay the rent!
Cheap Initial Fee and Rent!
The NO. 1 attraction of KABOCHA NO BASHA is the cheap initial fee and rent!
You can start your new like in Japan with just one piece of luggage!
  • NO deposit/recompense/
    agency fee!
  • Rent is from 20,000 JPY!
  • Utilities Expense is included
    in the public service fee
  • Plenty of household appliances
Comparison of initial fee
The initial fee of 80,000 room
Deposit 40,000JPY 10,000JPY
Cash pledge 16,000JPY 0JPY
Recompense 80,000JPY 0JPY
Agency fee 80,000JPY 0JPY
appliances charge
200,000JPY 0JPY
Cleaning fee 20,000JPY 0JPY
(Extra fee needed when moving out)
Key exchange fee 15,000JPY 0JPY
(Extra fee needed when moving out)
Total 100.00JPY 100.00JPY
Secure security
Women only!
Complete security system
「KABOCHA NO BASHA」 is furnished with a complete security system which means safety for first time occupants of Japan
  • No.4
    ❶ Women only share house
    Women Only Sharehouse There are many women only rooms in Tokyo but very few women only sharehouses.
    Kabocha No Basha is happy to provide women only sharehouse
  • No.4
    ❷ Safe security system
    Our Safe security system leaves residents with zero worries as they are protected with our video intercom.
    All rooms are private with locks to provide extra security.
  • No.4
    ❸ Staff will offer help at emergency
    Emergency services are standing by to help our customers in any emergency!

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