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Cheapest Nomihodai Japan

Top 3 All You Can Drink for Cheap in Tokyo!

Nomihodai, aka all you can drink, is quite a popular option in Japan as Japan consumes vast amounts of alcohol daily. Beer and sake are not just for fun consumption but they are also an ingrained aspect of culture as it has the power to unite and create clarity. There is no shortage of Nomihodai options in Japan but what if you are on a budget? These are a few choices to get some Nohimodai for cheap!

Kin No Kura

Best Nomihodai Japan


Kin No Kura is well known for its incredibly cheap Japanese Izakaya style dinning and amazing drink options! Kin No Kura is home t the 500 yen Nomihodai as you get one hour of all the alcohol you can consume! There is also a great all you can eat, aka Tabehodai, option for 1,980 yen so you can keep the drinks and food coming!

Marukin Yakitori

Cheap Nomihodai Japan


It is not everyday you will see any all you can eat or drink options for 299 yen for 30 minutes! Marukin Yakitori is located in the west end of Shinjuku and is serving up not only the cheapest nomihodai options in Japan, but also some of the cheapest and most delicious Japanese Yakitori! There is a two hour time limit but with cheap food and all you can drink, it won’t feel like long enough!

Jumanji 55

Cheap Nomihodai Tokyo


The Roppongi district is well known for its over the top party culture. There is also quite an abundance of choice when it comes to nomihodai but Jumanji 55 definitely provides the best bang for your buck! Between 7pm and 11pm Jumanji 55 offers a 1,000 yen all you can drink option and if you are a lady, the offer extends all night on the week days! Also for the ladies, Mondays and Thursdays is ladies night so ladies drink champagne for FREE!!