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Cost of Living in Tokyo

How to Live Cheap in Tokyo!

Tokyo has a reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live as it comes in 3rd in the world according to With that said it can be expensive to live in Tokyo but not impossible! Here area few things you can do to keep your costs down and still enjoy that Tokyo lifestyle.

Cost Living in Tokyo

Cost of Living in Tokyo


Living in Central Tokyo, (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, etc) can cost you a pretty penny with the average rent going between 90,000 yen to 120,000 yen (900-1,200 USD) per month. Unless you have that kind of money to spend, you might want to look into living in the outskirts of Central Tokyo in areas such as Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and West towards Mt. Takao. The distance may seem inconvenient but hoping on the express train will get you into the city within only 30 to 40 minutes!


    Average Rent Price (1DK)

Chiba: 53,000 yen per month


Saitama: 53,000 yen per month


Kanagawa: 57,000 yen per month


Ibaraki : 47,000 yen per month



Discount Foods at the Japanese Supermarket

Japanese Super Market


Food can be one of the biggest expensive anyone will encounter as food is a necessity. Japanese Supermarkets in general are not very expensive but after 9 pm shoppers can find items for up to 70% OFF!! This is the prefect time to stock up on some discounted foods that could last you through the week and beyond.

Cost of Transportation in Tokyo

Cost of living in Tokyo

Transport may also be one of the most costly aspects of living in Japan. Purchasing a commuter pass lowers the cost significantly, making travel more affordable when commuting around the city. The average one-way ticket on local train or metro in Tokyo is about 200 yen ($2 USD) which can easily build up to be around 4,000 yen each week ($40 USD) or higher. This is why most people living in Japan opt for using a commuter pass.

Get a bike

Getting a bicycle in Japan
The benefits of purchasing a bicycle in Japan are listless as you won’t have to pay for the train or bus, you will get exercise and you can experience the city in an entirely different way. Most major cities in Japan are filled with bicycles as Japanese residents use it as a way to save money. Tokyo itself is not such a big city in terms of land therefore, getting around central Tokyo and surrounding is relatively quick and free on the bicycle!

Control Your Bills

Cost of Living in Tokyo

This is an expense you actually have control over so watching your usage of utilities can go a long way in saving money over time. Use the heater or AC only when necessary and make sure to turn off the lights when you sleep and leave the house are just a few basic things you can do to save money and control the cost of living in Tokyo.