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The career of monk in Japan

Japan is a place with workaholics. But you may change your opinion after knowing the life of Japanese monk. What`s your imagination of monk? Eat vegetarian food and chant? Japanese monk won`t agree. In japan,monk can eat meat, get married and even get better saraly than nomal people.

Today, let`s explore the secrets of Japanese monk.

一.What monk do for work

The main works of a monk are holding funeral and chant at the funeral. And in Japan, holding the funeral in the temple is a custom. It is the guarantee for stable income. However, most monks do not only work for temples, also do some other works. For example, in school or prison.

二.What are the requirements of being a monk in Japan?

Usually, the eldest son of the monk or other children inherits the career. They have the same bachelor, master or even Ph.D. degree as normal people. And it is a must to learn and understand  Buddhism. About University,  Buddhism university is the best, but normal universities are also fine.

三.About the salary

Generally, monk works for 5 hours per day and get basic salary as 200,000 JPY per month. However, the believers of the temple donate lots of money for the temple, therefore, in the end, the monk would get around 1000,000 JPY per month! At the same time, the temple doesn`t need to pay the tax because it is a non-profit organization!! Wow, it seems Japanese monk works less but earn more than office workers.