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Why Japanese like drinking iced beer?

In Japan, no matter men or women, people like to drink beer. Then, why beer and why iced ones? We asked 130 Japanese with different background and careers. Let`s see the real reason why Japanese like drinking iced beer.

Influence of parents

In Japan, fathers always drink beer after coming back home. The children see it and think alcohol=beer. And during university, people will also drink beer to celebrate that they get new members for their circles. Therefore, drinking beer became a sign of being an adult. People get the feeling of drinking when they have the beer.

Japanese get used to drinking iced things.

Not only beer, it is a habit for Japanese to drink iced things. According to Oriental Medicine, iced things are not good for health. Therefore, it is a unique habit in Japan.

Normal temperature beer is not tasty

For Japanese, although the taste of normal temperature beer and iced beer is the same, the feeling of drinking is different. When iced beer goes through the throat, people get a real feeling of drinking.


Japanese are particular about food.

Actually not only Japan, iced beer is very popular all around the world. Japan is a country that always keeps pace with the world. In order to make the world famous food culture, Japanese take efforts to research and create the best diet collocation. Therefore, Japanese found that iced beer is a good way to enjoy the amazing taste all around the world.