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Nationality: Vietnam

To study japanese and learn about japanese food

Day Schedule

7:20~Arrives at work
※Job Description(sells seafood in tsukiji, such as burned shelfish )

12:00~ School
Finish working and get to school until 4:40 and go home

16:40~ Finish school
Clean the room and do laundry

20:00~ Relax time
Study and watch movie

I worked for food and beverage industry in Kichijouji before.
Now I work in Tsukiji, selling grilled scallops from early morning. It gives me more opportunities to use English,and it is really fun as I can communicate and interact with various people although it is freezing cold in winter.
At the same time, I want to learn the culture of Japanese food and have my own patisserie in the future.

Reason for choosing kabochanobasha
Firstly because of its price and promotion, secondly is because it is clean and has the same person come to clean the house, thirdly is the sale person is able to speak English with me.